1. Pre-Registration

Until May 31, 2021, all (potential) graduates named under eligibility were able to pre-register for participation in the Graduate Festival 2021 without obligation via the 2021 registration portal. In addition, we have written to all (potential) graduates via the email addresses on file at the university. We thank you for the big interest and inform you that pre-registration is now closed. Pre-registration is not a reservation for tickets.

Graduates who graduate after April 1, 2021, may pre-register for the 2022 Graduation Celebration on September 3, 2022 through the 2022 registration portal.


2. Ticket Sales

All individuals who have pre-registered for the 2021 Graduation Celebration and officially complete their degrees in the required time period will be informed about how to actually purchase tickets for the event via email in the middle of July 2021. Graduates can purchase tickets for themselves and up to three guests. The organizing team reserves the right to reduce the number of accompanying persons should this be necessary due to the regulations in force.


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