Conditions for Participating in CDS Events



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The following persons are entitled to participate in the courses offered by the Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS for short, provided they are registered in the CDS:

  • all doctoral students of faculties 1 to 8
  • Doctoral candidates of Faculty 10 with the intended doctoral degrees "Dr. rer. medic." and "Dr. nat. med.”
  • Participants in the TANDEMmed Mentoring Program
  • Collegiates of structured doctoral programmes/graduate colleges at RWTH Aachen University who are receiving doctorates from the cooperating universities
  • Doctoral students from other universities working at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Login and registration

You register online for the CDS seminars. Please read the seminar descriptions carefully.

To register for the Soft Skill-Trainings des Forschungszentrums Jülich, please observe the regulations applicable there.

Please Note:

You are obliged to coordinate your participation in the seminar with your superior.

Booking and seat allocation procedures

We want you to be able to book our events stress-free and have a fair chance of participating.


FAQ CDS Booking and Seat Allocation Procedures

When can I register for CDS events?

There are four fixed online registration periods per year, quarterly. Registration starts four weeks before the start of the new event programme. We communicate the exact date to all CDS members in advance by e-mail. You can already see the new seminar programme on our website one week before the start of registration.

Do I have to sit in the starting blocks at the PC from the first second of registration and try to get a place in a seminar?

No, the registration period lasts a whole week (seven days) from the start of booking. The registration time within this period has no influence on the allocation of places. Registered participants initially only receive a confirmation of receipt and are listed as interested parties in the event management system.

What is the principle of seat allocation?

After the end of the registration period the registration will be closed. Within the next five working days, seats will be allocated as follows:

  • Events for which places are still available will be immediately re-opened for the Registration. All interested parties will receive a booking confirmation beforehand and are firmly registered for the event.
  • For events where the number of interested parties corresponds to the number of places available, each interested party receives a booking confirmation and is firmly registered for the event.
  • For events with more registrations than there are places available, places are randomly assigned among the interested parties. Anyone who is not allocated a place remains on the waiting list. In any case, you will receive an e-mail either confirming your booking or informing you that you have not received a place and that you are still listed as an interested party.

How can I book still free places after the first allocation or put myself on the waiting list as an interested party?

Once the process described above is completed, all events will reopen for further registrations. You can book free places directly or register on the waiting list as an "interested party".

The allocation of remaining places or places that have become vacant again is then based on the first-come-first-served principle and is possible until the day of the event.

Does the new space allocation procedure apply to all events?

The space allocation procedure described above only applies to CDS events. You can identify these by the event ID (contains "...-CDS-..." or "...-ALE-..."). The “Scientific writing” and “Conference English” courses of the CDS, which have a different separate registration procedure, are an exception. Please refer to the relevant notes.

In addition, you can also find events of other providers for which the space allocation procedure of the CDS does not apply. Please not the rules of the respective provider.


Notification service

If an event is fully booked, you can register as an interested party on the waiting list. All persons on the waiting list will automatically receive an e-mail as soon as a place becomes available. Then please book the event as soon as possible via your booking portal. If the "Register" button in your participant portal is no longer available, the event is already fully booked again. If you do not wish to receive any further notifications for this offer, you can unsubscribe from the waiting list in the participant portal under the respective seminar by clicking on the "Cancel" button.

Cancellation of seminar bookings

If you are unable to attend an event for which you have registered, please cancel your registration as soon as possible in your participant portal under the respective seminar by clicking the "Cancel" button. If you do not have access to your participant portal, you can also unsubscribe by in exceptional cases. By cancelling in time, you will enable someone on the waiting list to move up.

We reserve the right to temporarily block participants who do not attend seminars without cancelling their registration from further offers.

Participant Portal

You can reach your participant portal via the following links:


All CDS events are free of charge. Additional costs, for accommodation and meals for example, are to be borne by you.


At the end of each event you will receive an evaluation form. Please fill it in and hand it in directly to the seminar leader. This will help us to improve the quality of our seminars and workshops. Alternatively, you can also send the evaluation form to the CDS in a timely manner either scanned and sent by e-mail, handed it in personally at the CDS office or sent it by post to the CDS.