Your Questions, Our Answers

Is registration with the CDS mandatory?

No.  However doctoral degree regulations generally require doctoral candidates to register with the CDS:  Exceptions can be granted by the faculty though.

Can credit points be earned for those qualifications attained through CDS events?

No.  However some faculties will issue internal credit points.

Are the credit points issued by my faculty listed on the Doctorate Supplement?


There are various categories in which additional qualifications can be attained. Are all these categories listed on the doctorate supplement, even if I have not acquired any qualifications in some of them?

No, the doctorate supplement only lists those categories in which you have attained qualifications.

Is a minimum number of participants required for the courses?

Yes.  All courses take place as long as at least five people have signed up.  If less than five participants register, the course is cancelled.

Can I enter my data and qualifications into the CDS database myself?

Yes, you can enter all your performances and qualifications.  Please hold on to your certificates of participation and proof of qualifications. This will make it easier for you.

Can I attend seminars for developing key skills offered by other institutions?

Yes.  You are not required to acquire skills solely through CDS seminars.

Are any of the seminars mandatory?

No, at least not on the part of the CDS.  However you need to check with the doctoral studies regulations set by your faculty to see if they require a particular seminar. No matter what, you need to have your participation approved by your supervisor beforehand.

Do I have to attend a certain number of workshops?

No.  However check with faculty's doctoral studies regulations to see if they require certain seminars.

I've moved. I've chaged my name. Do I need to inform the CDS of my new address/name?

Yes.  This is absolutely necessary so that you can register for seminars.  When you register, your name will confirm whether you are eligible for participation.  It is important that the information you provide when registering for seminars matches the information you registered with the CDS.

Are refreshments provided during the seminars?

Seminars or workshops  that last all day will have coffee, tea, and chilled beverages available free of charge.