Doctoral Studies

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Your Master's is behind you, the future before you: Those interested in working research after they graduate often go on to complete a doctorate.  At RWTH Aachen, completing a doctorate is seen as the first step of a professional career and for this reason is very application oriented.


The Legal Foundation

for doctoral studies is the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia with


Your Doctoral Studies at RWTH Aachen

You independently conduct research and discover new findings in your field, which you then write about in your dissertation. In doing so, you prove that you can conduct research in your discipline and are qualified for a further career in research or for positions in the job market requiring top qualifications.

Interdisciplinary Qualification

Interdisciplinary skills are becoming increasingly important for both an academic career and for work in free enterprise. Thus, the Center for Doctoral Studies at RWTH Aachen, CDS, offers doctoral candidates numerous workshops and seminars to expand their knowledge and skills outside of their discipline during their doctoral studies.

Principles of Good Scientific Practice

Just like all researchers at RWTH Aachen, doctoral candidates are also committed to adhering to the principles of good scientific practice. In the event of concrete suspicions of scientific misconduct at RWTH Aachen the University Committee for the Investigation of Scientific Misconduct investigates them. In cases of conflict as well as in cases of suspected academic and scientific misconduct, candidates can also turn to special confidants ("Vertrauenspersonen") whose task it is to safeguard good scientific practice at RWTH Aachen.

You can also find events related to the topic "Good Scientific Practice" among the offerings presented by the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS).

Information for Doctoral Candidates

If you join our mailing list, we will consistently inform you of news via email.


Supervision by the Faculties

The faculties formally determine the requirements for doctoral studies and the doctoral studies process, both of which are established in a faculty's own exam regulation.

The respective contact person in the faculties and the Center for Doctoral Studies will gladly help you with your official start of doctoral studies, give you tips for comprehensive qualification, and provide advising on financial support during the doctoral period.


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