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Welcome Week

Please arrange your travel to Aachen so that you arrive in good time for the Welcome Week. Participation in the Welcome Week is compulsory.


When do I need to enroll and what do I need?

In your admissions letter on RWTHonline, in Self Service, you can find information regarding the enrollment process at the International Office. Once you accept your study place, you will also be able to see in the RWTHonline Self Service function which documents you will need submit – and in what format – when you enroll .

Please note: When traveling to Aachen, you must bring the originals of all the required documents to be able to enroll at the University. We reserve the right to check these originals after your arrival.

You also need to provide documentation proving you have valid health insurance that is also officially recognized in Germany. Make sure you have this documentation before your enrolment session. Please be aware of two things – you either need German statutory health insurance or a confirmation from a German public health insurance company that your private insurance is equivalent. We do not accept travel health insurance. In addition, your insurance status must be reported electronically to RWTH Aachen University by a German statutory health insurance company. Detailed information on this can be found under Student Health Insurance.

What documents do I need to prepare to enroll?

If you have received admission, you will need to prepare a few documents to enroll. Please upload these documents onto RWTHonline as PDF files and remember to bring the originals with you to Aachen:

  • Official application form to enroll at RWTH, signed by you – (upload and bring original)
  • A valid passport, or alternatively personal identification for EU citizens – (upload and bring original)
  • The originals of your school and university certificates; if the originals are in English or French in addition to your native language, you must submit these too. – (upload and bring original)
  • The original translations of your school and university certificates; these translations must be completed by a certified translation office or recognized by the German embassy or consulate in your home country. The translation office can either be in Germany or your home country. – (upload and bring original)
  • Translations of your school and university certificates; these translations must have been made by a sworn translation agency or recognized by a German embassy or consulate abroad. The translation agency can be located in Germany or in your home country. – (upload and bring original)
  • Documentation of the required language skills, as stipulated in the relevant examination regulation (upload and bring original). Please refer to the language requirements subpage for detailed information on the type of language skill certification you will need to provide.
  • Electronic notification of your health insurance status by a German statutory health insurance fund (not an upload).
    You must have a confirmation from a German public health insurance provider that you either have public health insurance or are exempt from German public health insurance. Before enrolling you must therefore contact a health insurance provider and either purchase an insurance policy from them or be issued a confirmation from them that your current insurance is sufficient. The health insurance company then reports your status electronically to RWTH Aachen University.
  • Proof of termination of studies at a German university if you have previously been enrolled at a German university (upload); this also applies to former students at a preparatory college, or so-called Studienkolleg.
  • Proof of pre-internships for courses of study that require them (upload and bring original)
  • Proof of participation in an RWTH Self Assessment (upload)
  • Placement confirmation for a higher core semester from the respective RWTH Examination Board (upload and bring original)

You will only be able to enroll at RWTH once you can provide all the required listed documents – by uploading them and, if listed as such, showing the originals when in Aachen.

Important Information About Your Correspondence Address (Semester Address)

When you enroll, you will be asked to enter a current correspondence address (semester address) in RWTHonline. If possible, we recommend that you enter an address in Aachen or in the surrounding area, as both your Semester Ticket and BlueCard will be sent in the mail. If you do not yet have a local address, you can theoretically also enter your home address first. Please note, however, that the Semester Ticket will be sent to your correspondence address once you have paid your semester fee. If you enter an address outside the EU, your Semester Ticket may potentially not be sent and you will have to pick it up in person from the ASEAG Service Desk instead! Your BlueCard (Student ID) will also be sent to your correspondence address once you have uploaded a photo. Therefore, please make absolutely sure that your Semester Ticket and BlueCard can actually reach you at the address entered as your correspondence address. Please understand that you cannot enter an address within RWTH (institute or administration).

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