Applying for and Extending Your Residence Permit



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Trips to countries in the Schengen Area

Please note that until you have a residence permit, you may travel to other countries in the Schengen Area only if your visa allows multiple entries to Germany.


Registration of Residence

The first formality you have to be deal with upon arrival is registering your address with the Citizens´ Services Office (Bürgerservice/Einwohnermeldeamt). Typically, your personal data will then be transferred to the Immigration Office within a few days after registration.


Application for a Residence Permit

EU Nationals and Nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway

You only need a valid passport or ID card as well as the registration certificate issued by the Citizens' Services Office during your stay in Germany. You only need to register your place of residence with the Citizens' Services Office for stays in Germany lasting three months or more.

Non-EU Nationals

If you have entered Germany with a visa for the purpose of pre-study programs, such as a German language course, or for the purpose of university studies (Bachelor, Master or Postgraduate studies), you will have to, after registering your current address in Germany at the Citizens' Services Office, apply for a residence permit with the respective Immigration Office responsible for your country.

Citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland

You do not require a visa to come to Germany for the purpose of studies, but you will still have to register for a residence permit with the Immigration Office within three months of registering your current address in Germany at the Citizens' Services Office. Swiss citizens will receive a residence card or Aufenthaltserlaubnis.


Place of Application for the Residence Permit

For those international students at RWTH Aachen whose primary residence is located in the city region of Aachen, the following agency is responsible:

Agency Immigration office branch at RWTH Aachen

Templergraben 57
Room 421 or 422


+49 241 5198-3367 / -3368 / -3369

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 8am to 12:15pm
Wednesday: also 2 to 4:45pm*
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Appointment only

* The Immigration Office has a limited number of waiting line tickets each day, issued starting from 7:30 am. Residence permits soon to expire are prioritized when the tickets are issued.

Students, who hold a residence permit from another city and have relocated to Aachen, have to apply for a residence permit in Aachen now. They have to go to the following agency:

Immigration Office of the city region of Aachen – located at the Central Train Station
Hackländerstraße 1
Appointments via

Issue of electronic residence permits

Immigration Office of the city region of Aachen – located at the Central Train Station
Hackländerstraße 1, Info point 3rd floor

Monday and Tuesday: 8am to 3pm
Wednesday: 8am to 4:45pm
Thursday: 8am to 1pm
Friday: 8am to 12pm


Applying for the Residence Permit

You will receive an application for a residence permit at the Immigration Office.

You must submit the following documents together with your completed application:

  • passport with valid entry visa
    (in case of later extension, a valid electronic residence permit with an additional sheet)
  • current passport photo in accordance with the requirements of the passport photo sample of the Federal Printing Office
  • proof of studies: a certificate of studies containing information about your field of study and the number of semesters you have completed. You can print this out from RWTHonline: (under Registrar’s Office > Certificate). Doctoral candidates need confirmation of supervision from the host institute as well as their employment contract or a confirmation of employment from the Human Resources Department if they are employed as research assistants during their doctoral studies
  • scholarship certificate or proof of funding of at least 720 euros per month
    (in most cases this is the financial proof already submitted with your visa application)
  • proof of health insurance

Extension of the Residence Permit

In principle, you must have a valid residence permit during your stay in Germany.

Since your residence permit is issued electronically and processing takes several weeks, we recommend you extend your residence permit 4 weeks before it expires. The permit can be extended if the purpose for residence has not yet been achieved.

If you exceed the standard period of study (i.e. 6 or 7 semesters for a Bachelor's degree and 4 semesters for a Master's degree), the Immigrant Office will ask you to submit an academic progress certificate (this is issued by the departmental advisor).

If the Immigration Office requests doctoral candidates to produce a certificate on the progress of studies and the expected completion of their doctorate, this must be issued by the doctoral supervisor.

You can find all the necessary information on the academic progress certificate here:

Ms. Chiara Weber (substitute during Dominika Dudzik’s parental leave).
Templergraben 57, SuperC, Room 326
By appointment only
Tel: +49 241 80-90833

or at our academic progress certificate page



Fees are charged for issuing and extending the residence permit:

  • Issued for the first time: 100 euros
  • Extension: 93 to 96 euros (depending on the extension period)

Does the Immigration Office Check Academic Achievements?

Please take into account that the Immigration Office usually reviews your academic achievements two years after you have started your studies at RWTH and that you have to provide proof of your achievements.

Please contact your faculty's mentoring office as soon as possible if you find that you cannot meet the academic achievements to the extent required by the Immigration Office.