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Information and Events for Latecomers


Your visa has been delayed; you had to take exams until the end of September; or you were only admitted to RWTH recently and therefore had to miss out on Welcome Week? No need to worry, you’re not the only one and you did not miss out on everything! We are here to support you and we have also gathered information and planned events for you so that you will have everything you need to get started.

First of all, please take a look at the presentations and videos from Welcome Week of the 2019/20 winter term. You will find the presentations to download as PDFs at the bottom of this page.



Instruction Video: How to enroll using RWTHonline
How do I connect to Eduroam?
International Students: Personal Insights and Experiences

Latecomer Events

At a Glance
Who? All international students (degree and exchange) who missed Welcome Week
  • 1st day: 10am to 10:30pm
  • 2nd day: 2pm to 10pm
  • 3rd day: 1pm to 5:30pm
Registration Registration is required by 31 October 2019 via
Event When? Where? Highlights

Day 1
Official Welcome & Getting Organized

Tuesday, November 5, 2019,
10am to 1pm

Couvenhalle, Kármánstraße 19
  • Official Welcome from the International Office
  • Meeting the International Academy
  • Get a ticket for a Campus Tour, a Library Tour and/or the Humboldt Evening and register for the Intercultural Training
  • Brunch with the International Office

Day 1
Intercultural Training

Tuesday, November 5, 2019,
2pm to 5:30pm

Location will be announced once you have registered
  • What are the norms of German culture? How are these different to those of your own country? What is considered polite in Germany? What values influence behavior and communication?
  • Half-day intercultural training in English
  • Register during brunch
  • Further training dates available on our International Office calendar

Day 1
Humboldt Evening

Tuesday, November 5, 2019,
7:30pm to 10:30pm

Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41
  • 75 Tickets available at Official Welcome during brunch
  • Celebrate Alexander von Humboldt’s anniversary with us at Humboldt Haus!
  • Dance performances, a quiz, bizarre stories about Humboldt-Haus, Mexican/Columbian food

Day 2
Library tour

Wednesday, November 6, 2019,
2pm to 3pm

Foyer of the main library, Templergraben 61
  • Library Tour of RWTH main library
  • Duration: one hour
  • Limited to 15 spots
  • Tickets available at Official Welcome during brunch
Day 2
Studying and working in Germany

Wednesday, November 6, 2019,
5:30pm to 7pm

Reiff Museum R5, Schinkelstraße 1
  • Meet the Student Advice Center
  • Workshop on time management & learning strategies
  • Bring your class schedule to get advice on how to optimize it!

Day 2
International Get-Together

Wednesday, November 6, 2019,
7.30pm to 10pm

Café Restaurant Papillon, Pontstraße 151
  • Meet the international student associations Chinese-German Society and AISA in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Drinks and food are not included. Therefore make sure to bring cash with you for beverages

Day 3
Preparing yourself for the German job market

Thursday, November 7, 2019,
1pm to 2:30pm

Humboldt Haus, Ground Floor, Pontstraße 41
  • Meet the Career Center
  • Workshop: Finding a student job and preparing yourself for the German job market
Day 3
Talk Show
Thursday, November 7, 2019
3:30pm to 5:30pm
Humboldt-Haus, Ground floor, Pontstraße 41
  • Testimonials by international students about their own first few weeks and months in a new city and specifically at RWTH.
  • Ask them questions, find out what they love about Aachen and talk about their experiences
  • Topics: finding friends, day trips, tips for exam preparation, challenges you may encounter in Germany, and tips on how to deal with the new language and culture
  • Feel free to stick around and chat afterwards

Other upcoming events
Date Event Further information
Starting October 4, 2019

Deutschstunde: Learning German in a relaxing way is possible!

Weekly session, further information and registration
Starting October 11, 2019

Guitar lessons offered by the Representation of International Students, AV for short

Information and registration via
Starting October 14, 2019

Free German Course for Beginners offered by the AV

Information and registration via
Starting October 16, 2019

English Book Club hosted by the AV

Information and registration via
October 16, 2019 Clash of the Nerds Quiz with AStA Further information
October 18, 2019 Semester-Anfangs-Party (SAP) Further information
October 23, 2019 Art Course (German) offered by AStA Further information
October 24 and 25, 2019

2-day Workshop on Intercultural Communication

You will find out the location at registration
October 26 and 27, 2019

2-day Workshop on Intercultural Communication

You will find out the location at registration
Monthly Indo-German Get Together with AISA Further information
Monthly Chinese-German Regular Table with the Chinese-German Society Further information
November 6, 2019 Jam Session with AStA Further information
November 14, 2019

Movie Quiz Night hosted by the AV

Information and registration via

December 11, 2019

Christmas Bake-Off with the AV

Information and registration via


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