How Can Parents Help Their Children with Choosing a Course of Study?



Mandana Biegi

Head of Division


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Parents are important and influential advisors to their children when it comes to choosing a course of study. THe speaker, Dr. phil. Mandana Biegi, head of the RWTH Aachen Student Advice Centre, will inform parents how to fufill this role responsibly and helpfully.


  1. Why study at all?
  2. Studying at RWTH Aachen University
  3. Parents as advisors to their child
  4. Update for parents: Studying today
  5. Finding an appropriate role
  6. The decision process
  7. Steps towards making a good decision on what to study
Overview of Important Information
What? Presentation and a discussion following
Where? Hörsaal R5 (1080/005)
Reiff-Museum, Fakultät für Architekt
Schinkelstraße 1, Templergraben 51, 52062 Aachen
Language German
Registration? Not required
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Dr. phil.
Head of Division