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Doing more research - getting a realistic idea - discovering scientific approaches - get additional information about your subject! Here are our recommendations for the individual subjects in the sustainable resources and energy supply course of study.


Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply at RWTH Aachen

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The Division of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Recycling presents its courses of study, research prospects, and career paths in the brochure Broschüre Energie und Rohstoffe für die Zukunft (de).



The series is published at irregular intervals and informs about current research topics at the University. In the edition entitled “The domain of raw materials and recycling,” RWTH Aachen presents research activity that is currently taking place at its many different institutes. Particularly the interesting applications in the field give some indication about how exciting research in the field of raw materials and recycling really is. For instance, did you know that manganese nodules in the Pacific Ocean can be harvested just like potatoes? Or that Steel can be cooked with cherry pits?


Other insights into Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources is the central geoscience advising institution of the federal government. Its website provides information about current topics, problems, and prospects in raw material economy.

The portal has a rubric Bergbau under which it offers a few courses from the University of Clausthal on the promotion of raw materials.