Bachelor Allocation Process for International Students


There are two different processes for allocating university placements to international students in Bachelor and state examination courses of study. Courses of study can either have a numerus clausus or have open admission. A numerus clausus is implemented when there are more applications than spots availabe in the course of study. All suitable applications are taken into consideration for open-admission courses of study.



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Allocation Process for Restricted Admission Courses of Study

Non-EU Applicants

If you apply for a subject with numerus clausus, all the necessary documents must be received by RWTH by the application deadline. It is, however, possible to submit individual documents until August 6 for the 2021/22 winter semester and January 21 for summer semesters.

In order to be able to participate in the allocation of study placements, you will have to submit proof of completion of the standardized aptitude test TestAS in addition to your university entrance qualification certificate. This TestAS stipulation does not apply to students who are considered legally equivalent to German citizens, such as students with German Abitur for instance.

Study placements are allocated according to a ranking based on the average grades of the university entrance qualification for every eligible applicant.

We also bear the diversity of the student body in mind and allocate placements so that every nationality gets at least one.

EU Applicants

Please read about the allocation of places in Bachelor’s programs.


Allocation Process for Open Admission Courses of Study

In order to receive a study placement, you must have a suitable university entrance qualification as well as a valid TestAs result. The latter does not apply to individuals who are legally treated the same as German citizens, for example EU citizens or internationals who completed a German Abitur.

Your eligibility is reviewed in an open process. If you are deemed eligible for a study placement, then you will be admitted.