hochschulSTART Allocation Process


Nationwide Selection Process via Hochschulstart

The study placements in the medicine and dentistry courses of study ending with a Staatsexamen degree are allocated by Hochschulstart in a nationwide selection process. Please submit your application to Hochschulstart before the deadline.

First, some placements are made in the advance quota process for special applicant groups. Then the main placement process takes place. 20 percent of the available placements are allocated to applicants with the best Abitur grades/GPAs, further 20 percent are allocated to candidates with the longest waiting times.

RWTH Aachen can allocate the remaining 60 percent of study placements using its own criteria in an independent selection process. The only applicants who participate in the selection process at RWTH Aachen are those individuals who listed RWTH Aachen as one of their top three choices on their application. These 60 percent of study placements are administered by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung as well.

For university placements in medicine, applicants are ranked according to average grade. Taking the Test für Medzinische Studiengänge (TMS) can improve your grade, provided the resulting equivalent grade of the test is higher than the average Abitur grade. The improved average grade – a change for the worse is ruled out – is calculated by using a weighted percentage – 51 percent of the average Abitur grade and 49 percent of the test grade.

For study placements in dentistry, the same weighted percentage applies: The average Abitur grade counting 51 percent and the TMS test result counting 49 percent. A change for the worse is not possible. Please refer to the selection regulations for details on the university-specific selection procedures at RWTH Aachen. For further information about the test for medical studies please visit the TMS website.

In addition, proof of completed vocational training for selected professions can be used to improve your average grade for application to dental study placement by an additional factor of 0,3. Recognized professions are:

  • Stomatologic Nurse
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Auxiliary
  • Qualified Dental Assistant
  • Dental Technician