Tips for Renting out Your Property

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At RWTH, there are several places where students can find out about available housing. You can thus publish or post your advertisement for a room or apartment for rent via several channels, including the following:

AISA Temporary Accommodation Program

The Association of Indian Students in Aachen, AISA for short, has developed a program similar to Couchsurfing in order to offer new international students a first place to stay right after they arrive in Aachen. Participation in the project is honorary and based on hospitality. Participation to AISA Temporary Accommodation Program as host is recognized as component of the Certificate International program.

If you would like to host an international student for a duration of two to ten days free of charge, please register as a host by completing this form.


The international student organization INCAS manages a register with sublet offers by fellow RWTH students who would like to reach out to international students. You can post an ad for your apartment or room in a shared flat here.

RWTH Aachen International Office

The International Office offers a housing advice service and has the advantage of being in close contact with RWTH Aachen's international clientele. This includes not only international students from all over the world, but also exchange students, international researchers, as well as RWTH students who are planning a stay abroad. The housing advice service also manages a platform of privately offered apartments specifically aimed at international students and researchers. If you would like to have your apartment or house listed here, please complete the form for private offers and send it via email to .

My Home is your Castle

You are studying at RWTH and are planning to spend a semester or a year abroad soon? Then you are the perfect candidate to register for "My Home is Your Castle"! This project was initiated by the International Office to make the outgoings' return easier for them after their stay abroad while also fostering contact between local and international students at the same time.

How does it work? You register your available apartment or room in a shared flat with the International Office Housing Advice Service via this form. The International Office will pass on this offer to students who will be arriving in Aachen soon and are looking for a place to stay for a limited time period. Ideally, you will find a suitable subtenant who will be studying at RWTH for exactly the period of time you will be gone.

You have the advantage that you won't have to go through apartment hunting again after your return and as an added bonus you are getting to know exchange students from your host university abroad or somewhere else in the world. In addition, you will be helping students who have a hard time finding a place to live at the beginning of their studies.


Become a Home Buddy!

The Association of Indian Students, AISA, has initiated the so-called Home Buddy project. Home Buddies are students who support international students prior to their arrival in Aachen in their search for a place to live by acting as their representatives as they view apartments and sort things out with landlords or landladies. To participate, you register via this online form, which will subsequently be processed by AISA. Participation in the Home Buddy project also qualifies as a component for the Certificate International program!