Fast Track Bachelor Admission – FTBA

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RWTH Aachen University offers particularly talented school students, who typically would have had to complete two semesters at a university in their home country or attend a Studienkolleg according to German regulations, the opportunity to directly begin Bachelor studies in the subjects mechanical engineering, business administration and engineering: mechanical engineering, and computational engineering science. Prerequisite for this immediate start of studies is the admission to the special Fast Track Bachelor Admission or FTBA mentoring program. 



Azadeh Hartmann-Alampour

Coordinator of the FTBA-program


+49 241 80 92696



What is the "Fast Track Bachelor Admission" Program?

In order to be able to begin studies in Germany, international applicants from non EU-countries, have to either have completed one year of studies in their home country or have attended a Studienkolleg in Germany. The FTBA-program offers highly talented school students from selected countries the opportunity to directly begin Bachelor's studies at RWTH Aachen after leaving school. This is made possible by offering the FTBA-program participants special support at the beginning of their studies.


Who is eligible to apply for the program?

In order to participate in the program, you must provide above average school certificates. You should have particularly good grades in mathematics, physics, and Chemistry and have very good German skills.

Application Process for Participation in the Program

The application process contains two steps:

1. Submit Documents via Email

  • Application form
  • Copies of your school certificates for the last two years and a current transcript. These documents need to be submitted in German or English (that is, translated if necessary).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of motivation
    In one page, explain in German, why you want to pursue studies at RWTH Aachen and why you are qualified for studies.

Please send your documents to

Application Deadline

  • China: August 31, 2019
  • Other countries: January 15, 2020

Note that you can only send us your documents before the application deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Taking and Passing the TestAS

You must complete the core test and the technical module “engineering sciences” in German. Please note that you must register to take the TestAS within the specified registration period. The next TestAS date is in October 2019.

You can find additional information on the TestAS website.

Selection Process

Candidate are pre-selected based on their application and then take the TestAS – core test and "engineering sciences" subject module in German – in their home country. Their German skills and aptitude are then tested during a personal or Skype interview. Applicants are informed of the results in due course.

Mentoring Program

If you successfully complete the application process and are selected for the Fast Track Bachelor Admission program, you will participate in a special mentoring program to have the perfect start to your studies.

The mentoring program prepares your for your studies, the language, and cultural immersion at RWTH. It includes the following:

  • Personal mentoring by the coordinator of the FTBA-program prior to your arrival and during the entire first course semester of your studies
  • Support with applying to RWTH and enrolling in your chosen course
  • A 2-week long course on STEM terminology before the start of the semester
  • Weekly course on academic discourse during the semester
  • Program-specific workshops on how to optimize your degree course planning
  • Personal mentoring during the Mathematics Bridge Course
  • Participation in RWTH Aachen's BeBuddy Program
  • Various offerings during RWTH Aachen Welcome Week for international students
  • Participation in a weekly academic tutorial during the entire first semester
  • Allocation of a room in one of the Student Residence Halls (rent has to be paid by the participating students)

The one-time fee for the mentoring packet of the Fast Track Bachelor Admission Program in the winter semester 2020/21 amounts to 3,500 euros.

All RWTH Aachen students must pay a semester fee each semester. Please include this fee – roughly 280 euros – in your finances when planning your studies. The semester fee is not included in the mentoring packet price and must be paid separately after you enroll.

For the most important information on how to finance your studies, please visit our Costs and Finances website.

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The FTBA program is a great opportunity to study in a challenging and ambitious environment and expand your horizon beyond your national borders. Applying for this program was definitely one of the best decisions that I have made in my life so far.

Anton Shavin