TestAS for International Applicants Without German Equivalence


All international applicants who are not legally equivalent to German citizens, must submit a TestAs certificate when applying for an undergraduate – Bachelor’s or Staatsexamen – course of study at RWTH. This applies to all applicants who are nationals of a country outside the EU or the EEA and who do not have a German university entrance qualification.


The following terms apply to TestAS:


You must take TestAS in German.

Subject-Specific Test Module

In addition to the core module, you must complete the subject-specific TestAS module for your prospective course of study. You can see what modules are required from the table below:

Subject-Specific TestAS Module Required According to Faculty

Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences

Engineering Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences Economics
Faculty 1 x x
Faculty 2 x x
Faculty 3 x x
Faculty 4 x x
Faculty 5 x x
Faculty 6 x x
Faculty 7 x
Faculty 8 x
Faculty 10 x
Teacher Training x x x x

Where more than one cross is indicated on a line, you may choose from one of the subject-specific modules.

You can find further information on the courses of studies offered by each faculty on the overview of faculties at RWTH.



If you are applying for the Medicine Model Course of Study or Dentistry, you must be placed among the 20% best test participants  – i.e., achieve an average percentile rank of at least 80.


Minimal Grade

Your test result must correspond to the set minimal grade, meaning you must be in the top 30% of test participants. To work out your ranking, both your percentage scores will be added together and then divided by two and must produce a result of 70 or more.


You do not have to take TestAS if you have a university entrance qualification from an EU/EEA country and are applying for a restricted-admission course of study.


The requirement to take TestAS can be lifted if

  • you are already enrolled as a student in a Bachelor's, Master's, or Staatsexamen course of study at RWTH at the time of your application.
  • you are taking any courses in the “A Good Academic Start in Engineering” program, such as “Semester Zero,” ETOS, or BIOS, which are offered by RWTH Aachen University in collaboration with FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.
  • you completed your university entrance qualification (as evidenced by final transcripts) with an average grade/GPA of 2.5 or better according to the German grading system. We will convert your average grade according to the so-called Modified Bavarian Formula (de).

Please note: These exemptions only apply to applicants to Bachelor's courses of study. Candidates applying to the medicine (model course of study) and dentistry degree programs, either to the first or higher semesters, will have to submit a TestAS result as outlined above in due time. In the TestAS, you must achieve an average percentile rank of at least 80.

You can apply for these exemptions from the TestAS requirement by filling out the relevant form that will be available for download as part of your online application on RWTHonline. Please upload this form and not your TestAS result.