Particulars of International Applicants


International applicants are those individuals who do not have German citizenship or a German degree, including either the Abitur or university studies. This is the sole group intended when our webpages talk about "international applicants". German citizens with a foreign degree and citizens from a foreign country with a German degree should contact the Registrar's Office and read the webpages with information for Germans.

Please note that there are sometimes other rules for individuals with citizenship from a country in the EU or EEA. These individuals are formally treated like German citizens in many matters due to EU agreements. Other deadlines apply for the remaining international students. If the rules differ for the target groups, we clearly state whether the rule is for EU and EEA citizens or for all international students.


Common Questions

Where do I find information on whether my degree will be recognized in Germany?

The Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen, in English the National Academic Recognition and Information Center, is responsible for collecting information on the recognition of foreign educational insitutions. Detailed information can be found on anabin’s website (only available in German).

What criteria does RWTH Aachen use to select future students?

The main criterion are the academic/school grades you have achieved so far. International applicants (excluding EU/EEC citizens) applying for an undergraduate course of study (Bachelor or state examination) have to submit a passed TestAS. You can find information on the TestAS requirements on our Admission Requirements webpage.

Study places in courses of study with restricted admission will be allocated to applicants who have a sufficient TestAS on the basis of the average grade of their university entrance qualification. For courses of study with open admission on the other hand, all applicants who have a sufficient TestAS will be admitted.

How do you check my eligibility for a Master course of study at RWTH?

In order to study a Master course of study at RWTH, applicants from countries outside the European Union and EEA need to have a first degree (generally a Bachelor degree) from a recognized university  You can check whether your university is recognized in Germany on anabin’s website (only available in German).

Once you have submitted your complete online application to RWTH, and the International Office has confirmed your formal eligibility for a Master course of study, your application will be forwarded to the respective Examination Board, which will check the relevance of your educational background for the Master subject.

If the content of your Bachelor mostly, or even completely, fulfills the admissions requirements for your chosen Master, you will be admitted to the course of study with or without additional requirement modules.

Please note that the reviewing process may take several months in total.

What courses of study does RWTH Aachen offer?

Please refer to the webpage Courses of Study.

Are there any English language Bachelor’s degree programs?

RWTH Aachen University currently does not offer any English language Bachelor's degree programs. There are several English language Master's programs.

What does NC or numerus clausus mean?

"NC" or "numerus clausus" is Latin for "restriction grade". NC courses of study are usually those for which considerably more applications are filed each year than places of study exist, such as human medicine.

How do I find out if a certain course of study is restricted?

Please look at our courses of study. Here courses of study for the upcoming semester are listed along with information about whether or not they have restricted admission. See the column marked NC for First Semester.

Does RWTH Aachen offer scholarships to its students?

Unlike in the Anglo-American university system, Germany universities do not offer full-coverage scholarships. Funding for scholarships is pooled together at German universities and awarded to suitable applicants by the DAAD. There are a number of institutions, such as foundations, that offer scholarships for suitable applicants. You can find a complete overview of available scholarship programs under Scholarships and Funding.

How much does studying at RWTH Aachen cost?

RWTH Aachen does not charge tuition fees from international students. The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia assumes the cost of study for this group of students. However the university does charge a fee for the student body. You can read more about this fee on the page Semester fees and Contributions.

What course of study is right for me?

The question what to study you should answer according to your own predilections and abilities. The Student Advice Center will help you with general information about study choices and possibilities.

Additionally RWTH Aachen offers a free Self-Assessment-Test which might help you to find the right study program.



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