The Wednesday seminar during the 2018 summer semester takes place in Aula 2, Ahornstraße 55


Studies for Senior Citizens

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RWTH Aachen Studies for Senior Citizens is a continued academic education service for older individuals, who wish to deal with academic questions after professional or familiar activity or want to expand their knowledge in certain areas.



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Summer semester 2018: March 19 to April 27, 2018



Many courses from the university's regular course offerings are open to senior citizens. The contact to young students enables a lively togetherness across different generations. There are also special courses from teachers or other senior citizen students, that are offered specifically for this target group. You can find all of the courses in the course guide for studies for senior citizens and on this page.


Learning without Academic Pressure

You study what you want and are free from any academic pressure. You put together your schedule according to your aptitude and taste. However, you cannot acquire an academic degree or take any exams.


Admission Requirements

You do not need to fulfilly any formal prerequisites or possess the higher education qualification certificate to participate in studies for senior citizens.



Auditors at RWTH Aachen pay a fee of 100 euros per semester.


The auditing fee can be waived in some exceptions. This is the case if paying the fee would lead to social hardship, that is unreasonable financial strain. This occurs if an individual has a very low income or is unemployed and no other financial support or means are available. Individuals who would like to have the fee waived must submit a request to the Registrar's Office and bring the corresponding documentation. The deadline for application is the last day of the relevant registration period.


Registering for Studies for Senior Citizens

Transfer the auditing fee for studies for senior citizens in the amount of 100 Euros. You can find the current transfer slip in the course guide. In order to make sure your fee is credited to you, please include your first and last name in the subject line. Transfer the fee to to following account:

Recipient (Zahlungsempfänger): Kasse der RWTH Aachen
Bank: Sparkasse Aachen
IBAN: DE34 3905 0000 0000 0145 22

If you have already been admitted to studies for senior citizens, use the transfer slip you received with your last auditor identification.


The course guide also contains the application for admission as an auditor in studies for senior citizens. This is the form you use to mention all the courses you wish to attend. Send the complete application to Ramona Livora.

Once RWTH Aachen has received your fee, you will be admitted to your chosen courses. You will receive the letter of admission with an auditor identification and transfer slip for the next semester in the mail.


Your Questions, Our Answers

Where do I get the course guide for studies for senior citizens?

You can get physical copy of the course guide in the RWTH Aachen Registrar's Office in the SuperC, Templergraben 57, and in the RWTH-Shop in the Main Building, Templergraben 55. You can also find it at different banks and branches of the Sparkasse in Aachen and various bookstores. Please make note of the course guide supplement.

If you have already been admitted to studies for senior citizens, you will automatically receive the course guide in the mail in the future.

Where can I find the regular courses that are open to senior citizen students?

In chapter four of the current course guide and the supplement on this page.

Can senior citizen students request a parking permit?

Als a senior citizen student, you have the possibility to get a parking permit for Campus Hörn, Campus Melaten, and the parking structure in the Professor-Pirlet-Straße. The same rules for parking space management apply as for regular enrolled students.


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