Prospective students on their way to enroll at RWTH Copyright: Martin Braun

Before you can begin your studies, you will have to enroll. To make the process run as smoothly as possible, we have put together all the important information for you here.


Please Note

Transferring from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s degree program is still possible at a later point only in cases of exceptional circumstances (“Härtefall”) that are outside the student’s control. In particular, this includes cases of hardship due to an impending loss of a residence permit or financial hardship due to discontinued BAföG funding or the non-granting of a scholarship due to the student’s failure to initiate a transfer. In these cases, students must submit an application to the Department of Student Affairs immediately after they have completed the bachelor’s degree program and no later than June 15, 2021, for the summer semester, providing credible evidence of the reasons for the required transfer to a Master’s program.


International Prospective Students

International students who are not processed the same way as Germans must always first apply and enroll at the RWTH Aachen International Office.


Language Requirements

Please note that you usually only have to provide proof of your language skills when it is time for you to enroll. You can therefore apply without the valid language certificates. You will however be refused the opportunity to enroll if you cannot provide proof of the required skills during the enrollment period.


Important Documents


Enrollment or Application?

Make sure you know the difference between application and enrollment. By enrolling you get a study placement at RWTH Aachen, that is you become a member of the university.

Before you enroll, however, it is always required for all courses of study that you apply through RWTHonline within the application period.

In the courses of study with open admission, that is those with sufficient study placments, you will generally receive your letter of admission directly after applying, thus enabling you to enroll during the enrollment period at RWTH Aachen. You must only make sure to enter any necessary remaining information and submit the documents required for enrollment either via mail (for open admission courses of study) or in person in the Registrar's Office. The application view in your account with show you which documents are needed. When sending documents via mail for enrollment via mail, we recommend that you use certified mail.

In some courses of study there are more prospective students than study placements available. RWTH Aachen has applied for restricted admission at the responsible ministry for these courses of study. Please refer to the current RWTH Info or our courses of study to see what subjects have restricted or open admission.

If your application was successful and you receive an admissions letter for your desired course of study, you can enroll in person at the Registrar's Office during the enrollment period stated in the admissions letter. Please remember to bring all necessary documents with you. The application view in your account with show you which documents are needed.

Enrollment for Doctoral Studies

Do you want to complete doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen? Here you can find all the relevant information about doctoral studies, enrolling for doctoral studies, and further training opportunities for doctoral candidates at RWTH Aachen. We also offer special information about doctoral studies enrollment for internationals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does enrollment work?

All the information regarding enrollment and the next steps after that can be found at RWTHonline.

Is online enrollment equivalent to enrolling in person?


Does the application process only work online?

No, you can prepare the application online, print it, sign it, and then send it with the necessary supporting documents to the RWTH Aachen Registrar's Office.  If your application is complete, you will be enrolled in the desired course of study.

Where do I enroll online?

You first apply through RWTHonline. Here you will fill out your enrollment application step by step.  You will be asked for the date on which you earned your university entrance qualification, whether you have already graduated from another German university, and what degree you earned, for example. Therefore, please try to have all the  information about your education thus far complete and at the ready. After a successful application and after having been admitted, you must first accept the study placement and upload proof of enrollment. Detailed information can be found in the selfservice section of RWTHonline.

What documents do I need to attach to the printed out application?

Using the information you provide during your application, RWTHonline will determine and tell you what documents you need to present for enrollment and which documents you can present for enrollment. RWTHonline will also tell you whether these documents are needed beforehand to determine whether you can be admitted or later when you enroll.

If you enroll via mail, you must include a self-addressed DIN C4 envelope with 1.55 euro postage. We recommend that you send the documents via certified mail.

Will my documents be given back to me?

Yes, this is why you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your application.

Who is responsible for enrollment?

RWTH Aachen Registrar's Office is responsible for enrollment.

What are the deadlines for online enrollment?

Please refer to your admission letter for the current deadlines for the semester.

What happens after enrollment?

You can find information about how to pay the student body and social contribution fee (semester fee) on RWTHonline.

After you have transferred the fee to RWTH and it has been received by the University Bursar, please upload a passport photo for your student ID card. You can also print out a BAFöG certificate, progress of studies certificate, or a current certificate enrollment form at RWTHonline at any time now.  You will be able to personally pick up your student ID card, the RWTH Aachen BlueCard, in plenty of time before the start of the semester. As soon as your card is available for pick up, we will notify you via email at your RWTH address.  ASEAG will separately send you your Semester Ticket in the mail.

When do I receive my "real" enrollment certificate?

You can personally retrieve and print out your enrollment certificate as often as you would like through RWTHonline.  Paper enrollment certificates are no longer automatically distributed by RWTH Aachen.

Is there another way to enroll?

You can also enroll in person or through the mail.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

Yes, however this is only possible if courses have not yet started.  In this case, the student body and social contribution fee will be reimbursed to you in full. Once courses have started, you have to terminate your enrollment.  In that case, the student body and social contribution fee will not be reimbursed in full.

Semester Dates

Can I enroll in a Magister or Diplom course of study?

No, you can only enroll in a Bachelor or Master course of study.

Current Courses of Study