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Exchange students are students at international universities who come for a limited time to study at RWTH Aachen and are not pursuing a degree from RWTH Aachen. If they fulfill the application requirements, they have the possibility to spend their study abroad at RWTH Aachen within the framework of the exchange programs Erasmus+ Student Mobility or RWTH Exchange Worldwide.



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Application Requirements

Is there a partnership agreement?

In order to participate in exchange studies at RWTH Aachen, your home university and RWTH Aachen must have a bilateral agreement on student exchange. This includes, for example, the Erasmus+ agreement or an agreement with one of our partner universities worldwide within the framework of RWTH Exchange Worldwide. Please contact the international office at your home university to find out if such a bilateral agreement or student exchange agreement exists.

If there is an agreement, you will first apply to your international office for an exchange placement. Your university must nominate you before you can apply to RWTH Aachen. If you have been nominated by your home university, you can apply to the RWTH Aachen International Office.


Language Requirements

Do you fulfill the language requirements?

In order to apply for exchange studies at RWTH Aachen, you must possess the language skills required for your desired course of study. This is either German or English at the B1.1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Most of the lectures and seminars at RWTH Aachen are held in German. We want your academic stay at our university to be successful and as smooth as possible but also want you to be able to find your way through everyday life in Aachen and feel comfortable. German skills are important for achieving this. You must provide proof of your language skills when applying. Applications without suitable proof will not be accepted.

Attention: If you are applying to the Division of Earth Science and Geography, you must provide proof of German skills of at least B2.1!


When do you not have to provide proof of language skills?

  1. If you choose only English-taught courses on your Learning Agreement, you do not have to prove your German skills, but your English skills. Seek advising from your Departmental Coordinator!
  2. You are writing your final paper or working on a project during your stay at RWTH Aachen and have arranged with your supervisor that you can do your project in English.
  3. If your mother language is German or English, you only need to provide copy of your ID card.
  4. You study in German or English at your home university and can provide proof of this.
  5. At the time of application you are taking a language course that will bring you up to the required B1.1 level. In this case, please submit a certificate of participation, in which both the language level and course duration are mentioned.

How can you provide proof of language skills?

As proof of German and English skills we accept all official certificates that were either issued by the home university or from an officially recognized language school. The level must be clearly recognizable and be comparable to a level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – either on the certificate itself, in an addendum to the certificate, or on the language school's website. Certificates, where it is not directly clear, to which GeR level the result corresponds, are not accepted. It is the applicant's responsibility to request information about the language level and its equivalence to the GeR from the language school.



If you fulfill the application requirements and have been nominated by your home university, we look forward to receiving your application documents. Find out more about the necessary documents and deadlines:

Application for Erasmus+ Student Mobility

Application for RWTH Exchange Worldwide

The faculties are generally responsible for the selection of exchange students at RWTH Aachen. A staff member in each department is responsible for selecting the exchange students. The International Office forwards the application documents to the respective faculty to be reviewed and is then notified if you have been accepted as an exchange student. After you have been accepted by the faculties, you will be notified as quickly as possible of your admission and will receive an official letter of admission from the International Office.


As soon as your academic supervisor has been confirmed or the faculty has accepted your prospective study plan, we can issue your admission. The letter of admission is sent to you via email. If you need an original, for example to apply for a visa, please specifically ask for one from the International Office.

Along with the confirmation of your study placement you will receive additional information about planning your stay in Aachen.

Are you not interested in coming to RWTH Aachen as part of a traditional student exchange? Read more about our mobility programs or other forms of mobility.