Student Housing on Campus Melaten

Design sketch of an apartment building Copyright: SHA GmbH

285 student rooms and apartments will arise in the Campus Park starting October 2015


Campus Melaten is a university expansion area of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The land in Campus Melaten generally cannot be used for housing. Due to the current lack of student apartments North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Aachen have agreed to an acception, allowing land to be used for housing for a maximum of seven years.

For economic reasons, only exisiting, mobile solutions could be considered for the short period. Module structures were selected that were already being used in the Netherlands. They will now be completely refurbished and adapted to the requirements of modern housing.

Each housing module consists of two three-floor building parts, which are connected via arcades and bridges. The resulting inner courtyard functions as a communicative middle area. Seating cubes on the ground floor and bridges that can be used as a form of joint balconies on the upper levels offer students a place to meet and spend time.

Housing Units with Kitchen and Bath

Each housing unit has its own bath and kitchenette. The size of the units varies between 26 and 29 square meters. Apartments can be rented starting at 350 Euros per month, not including utilities. They will be marketed starting October 1, 2015, on Studentencampus Aachen. There is also bicycle parking for up to 285 bikes and 140 parking spots for cars available.

Other Key Figures

  • Student housing on the Campus Park
  • Gross floor area: circa 10,100 square meters
  • Rental space: circa 7,300 square meters
  • Leased land area: circa 5,900 square meters
  • Apartments: 285
  • Small housing units à 25.40 square meters: 264 units
  • Large housing units à 28.70 square meters: 21 units
  • Café/Kiosk: circa 90 square meters
  • Bike parking rack: for 285 bikes
  • Car parking spots: 146 to 149 spots