RWTH Aachen Campus


RWTH Aachen Campus contributes significantly towards highlighting the research competence available at RWTH University. The project creates a unique symbiosis of science and economics. Here, experts research specifically defined, relevant topics. Long-term areas of research are represented in clusters. These clusters are subdivided into centers, in which interdisciplinary teams and industry consortia work jointly on specific issues of the future and develop visionary solution approaches.

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Germany at its best | RWTH Aachen Campus Prof. Dr. Ernst Schmachtenberg, former RWTH Rector

  Graphic of clusters

Science and industry under one roof

16 research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus in close proximity to major research institutes and facilities. The six initial clusters include

  • Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster
  • Sustainable Energy Cluster
  • Photonics Cluster
  • Production Engineering Cluster
  • Heavy-Duty Drives Cluster
  • Smart Logistics Cluster

  Aerial view of the Campus Room for research: One of the largest research environments in Europe is being created on 2.5 km².

More than 280 companies

Interdisciplinary teams of scientists work closely with industry consortia in the new research buildings. The companies involved share resources with university institutes, utilize synergy effects, exchange knowledge directly on site and collaborate in future-proof innovations. More than 280 companies are currently represented on RWTH Aachen Campus.