RWTH Aachen Campus


Megatrends like digitization, mobility, climate change, health, globalization, or demographic change pose enormous and complex challenges for society. Solving them requires the cooperation of various scientific disciplines and industry sectors. On RWTH Aachen Campus, the unique ecosystem with an extensive network of experts and a next-generation research infrastructure is constantly growing. Among them: scientists from RWTH, affiliated institutes, and Fraunhofer institutes on-site, as well as SMEs and global players. Together, ideas are implemented faster – with reduced research and development costs.

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Germany at its best | RWTH Aachen Campus Prof. Dr. Ernst Schmachtenberg, former RWTH Rector


Science and Industry Under One Roof

Graphic of clusters

16 thematic research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus. 7 clusters are already being realized:

  • Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster
  • Construction Cluster
  • Heavy-Duty Drives Cluster
  • Photonics Cluster
  • Production Engineering Cluster
  • Smart Logistics Cluster
  • Sustainable Energy Cluster


More Than 420 Companies

Aerial view of the Campus Copyright: © Campus GmbH/opentopomap Research needs space: 800,000 square meters of development area on Campus Melaten and Campus West are available.

Interdisciplinary teams of scientists work closely with industry consortia in the new research buildings.

The companies involved share resources with university institutes, utilize synergy effects, exchange knowledge directly on site, and collaborate in future-proof innovations.

More than 420 companies are currently represented on RWTH Aachen Campus.