Am I Eligible to Apply?



Anja Dickmeiß

Education Fund


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Who Can Apply

  • Individuals who have fulfilled the required admissions requirements and are about to begin studies at RWTH Aachen or are already enrolled and
  • who will be at RWTH for the whole funding period – that is both winter and summer semester – as regular students on course to complete their degree program in the prescribed period of study

Further Criteria

  • A basic requirement is excellent academic performance.
  • Students completing a second degree, supplemental studies, or Master's degrees can be funded as well as first time Bachelor students.

Primary Criteria for Awarding Scholarships

For first-year students

  • average grade of their university entrance qualification certificate and number of points attained in the Abitur
  • if applicable, the individual grades relevant for the chosen subject of study

Enrolled students use the average grade of their previous academic achievements including the last completed winter semester

  • Bachelor’s students: GPA and ECTS points attained
  • Master’s students: Bachelor's degree grade, undergraduate GPA, and ECTS Master’s points achieved
  • Medicine: performance record including GPA

Performance is calculated using a formula that weighs grades, ECTS points, and core semesters in a way that ensures a fair selection.


Secondary Criteria

Social aspects can serve as secondary criteria for the faculties. These include, for example, social involvment, the willingness to assume a position of responsibility or particular social, family or personal circumstances that result from a candidate’s family or immigration background.