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Prior to the scholarship award ceremony of the Education Fund, RWTH Aachen University invites sponsors to an exclusive event. The event gives our sponsors the opportunity to get to know the University and take a look behind the scenes of research and teaching. The aim is to bring sponsors closer together, to facilitate networking and exchange, and to present exciting and forward-looking fields of research and as well as university institutions. Unfortunately, the event will not take place in 2023.

In 2019 the sponsors were provided with insight into the Smart Logistics cluster – one of the six starting clusters on Campus Melaten. More than 500 people from science and business develop and explore solutions for the interconnection of goods and information in the digital world of the future. The overall goal is to design the enterprise of the future – an agile, learning enterprise that is largely understood as an information processing system.

After a presentation by Rector Ulrich Rüdiger on current developments at RWTH Aachen University, Professor Volker Stich, Managing Director of the Institute for Industrial Management FIR and head of the Smart Logistics cluster, presented the application-oriented activities of the cluster in a talk titled "Digitalization in Business and Society – Challenges in a Digitally Connected World". Subsequently the sponsors had the opportunity to participate in a by a tour of the innovation labs, the theme park and the real-world production environment of the Aachen Demonstration Factory.