Framework Program

  Donors talking Copyright: Stefan Hense

RWTH Aachen University and proRWTH Aachen want to take things further with the Education Fund and offer scholarship recipients non-monetary support in the form of a framework program in addition to financial support.


Expanding the network between outstanding students who have qualified for the scholarship and the donors is an important element of the scholarship culture represented by RWTH Aachen University. It is only through the personal contact between the donors and the scholarship holders that the program is filled with life and a large network can be created.

We therefore strive every year to offer a framework program for both students and donors. We want to support the expansion of the network between the students themselves as well as their exchange with the donors.

This is why – on the one hand - we tell awardees about events hosted by individual sponsors such as workshops, open house, trade fair invitations, factory visits or "scholarship days," and on the other hand we organize events like the scholarship award ceremony for all parties involved or a visit to the CHIO. We also put together a team for the popular Lousberglauf and we make a financial contribution to the annual barbecue for the scholarship holders.

All this would not be possible without the financial and personal commitment of our sponsors. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this support!

Further offers for meet-ups or connecting in other ways are made available by the group of scholarship holders independently.