How to Get Involved

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It all depends on your enthusiasm and support!

We depend on your generous support to be able to offer long term funding to ten percent of the best students at RWTH Aachen University through the Education Fund. Not only large, but also medium-sized and small companies as well as foundations and private individuals can get involved in the Education Fund.


What Your Involvement Could Look Like

  • You could contribute to a community scholarship with an amount of 50 euros or more.
  • You could sponsor one or more individual scholarships with 1,800 euros per year per scholarship.
  • You could sponsor ten or more scholarships per year. At that level of commitment, we will name the scholarship after you or your company. We will also gladly involve you as an advisor in the selection process if you are interested in this option.

Tax Benefit

Your donation is tax-deductible. For donations of up to 200 euros, your bank statement serves as a donation receipt. For contributions over 200 euros, you will automatically receive a donation receipt. You can claim this with your tax return. We will gladly help you with further information. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Account Information for Donations to the Education Fund
Recipient RWTH Aachen
IBAN DE07 3905 0000 0000 0253 87
Credit Institution Sparkasse Aachen
Reference RWTH Bildungsfonds - Your name/ company name