Meet & Greet

  Recipient and donors talking Copyright: Patrick Randriamanampisoa

The goal of the Education Fund is to improve the study conditions of its scholarship recipients. This includes not only the monetary support that is made possible by numerous donors, but also the intensive contact between students and donors. The scholarship program contributes to strengthen the network between donors and recipients. As a result, personal contact is at the focus and an important element of funding these talented individuals.


Get Together

In order to better network all individuals involved, the Education Fund offers a number of opportunities for people to get to know each other.

Every year the big scholarship award ceremony starts off the new funding period. Initial contact is established here aside from certificates being handed out. Before this event RWTH Aachen University invites donors to Meet RWTH. This offers the possibility to get to know the university and current research fields as well as other donors.

Many donors offer an accompanying program later on during the scholarship year. Contact is strengthened from factory tours and workshops to fireside chats. Furthermore, students organize regular meetings among themselves through their own network. These meetings are coordinated by the team of scholarship recipient speakers. RWTH Aachen also provides a central framework program for all recipients and donors from the current funding period.