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Through the Education Fund, RWTH Aachen University annually awards Germany scholarships to outstanding students and first-year students who show great potential on the basis of their excellent past achievements.


Online Application

You can only apply for an Education Fund Scholarship online.

The online application phase for one of the scholarships for the 2021/22 funding period is being extended due to the pandemic this year and will run from June 1 through July 25, 2021.



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Germany Scholarship – Key Facts

  1. Prerequisite: You are completing a standard period of study during Winter Semester 2021/22 and Summer Semester 2022.
  2. Stipend: 300 Euros per month & a non-monetary framework program
  3. Funding Period: at least two semesters; renewal is possible
  4. Applications: from June 1 through July 25, 2021 only. Start of the funding period: Winter Semester 2021/22

Under the umbrella of the RWTH Education Fund, 410 scholarship holders currently receive a monthly grant of 300 euros from the Deutschlandstipendium, 15 students are supported by the Porsche IT Campus RWTH Aachen Scholarship.

The Education Fund scholarships are awarded every year to start at the beginning of the winter semester. Registered students and first-year students can receive a scholarship if they have distinguished themselves by their excellent academic performance and show exceptional potential. In addition to students completing their first degree, students pursuing a second or supplementary degree as well as a Master's degree are also eligible.

In a two-stage selection procedure, applications are evaluated by experts in the different faculties according to subject area. From the total number of applicants, the faculties then submit a list of candidates they would recommend for a scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to the applicants according to their ranking on the list.

The Education Fund aims in particular to strengthen long-term contact between scholarship holders and sponsors. If the students' performance remains relatively constant or even improves, the university will therefore endeavor to extend their funding over the long-term.

Online-application period for students and prospective students June 1 to July 25, 2021
Scholarship receipients are selected August to October
Notifications of approval are sent to scholarship receipients from mid October onwards
Scholarship Celebration end of November


What Our Scholarship Recipients Say