Information for Applicants

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Within the Education Fund, RWTH Aachen University annually awards Germany scholarships to outstanding students and first-year students, with excellent past achievements. Currently 482 scholarship recipients receive a monthly funding of 300 Euros from the Education Fund.


Online Application

You can apply for the Education Fund scholarship only online.

Applications for one of the Germany Scholarships for the 2018/19 funding period can be submitted online from May 30 to July 2, 2018.



+49 241 80 90839



Important Information About Re-Applying

Re-application for Germany Scholarship recipients, who are starting their Master's studies at RWTH in the 2018 summer semester, will be open February 1 to 28, 2018. In case of transitioning from Bachelor’s to Master’s studies a re-application is mandatory. This also applies to scholarship recipients currently on leave of absence who are going to change from Bachelor’s to Master’s studies. We will provide an appropriate link here at the time indicated above.


Why apply?

The Education Fund puts focus on two funding aspects: Through the integration of the Germany Scholarship and the connected funding, you have the opportunity to completely focus on your studies. Additionally, through an ideal framework program, a network is created between donors and scholarship recipients, which offers you the opportunity to establish contact with other students, industry partners, partner institutions, or potential employers.

The goal is to improve your study conditions and reward you for your achievements and involvement. If you would also like to profit from the Education Fund and are ready to establish contact with your donor, then apply for our next funding period!


What Our Scholarship Recipients Say