Company Presentations

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The Career Center offers numerous event formats for companies seeking to connect with RWTH students. Raise awareness and build interest in your company, mission, culture, and highlight opportunities and offers for potential recruits. Most of these recruiting events continue to be held primarily online.



Diana Küpper

Event Management


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career@ – Connecting With Students

Offer a career@ session exclusively for your company. Connect with motivated young talent regarding entry-level opportunities in your company. The event takes place on Tuesdays from 6 to 8pm during the semester.

You are welcome to use these two hours as you see fit, for example, for a company presentation, casual networking, or a role model talk.

The participation fee for your company is 1,800 euros. On request, we will be happy to publish a video pitch or corporate video free of charge via our Pitchbox for a duration of six months. For an additional 500 euros, we will advertise your career@ session via our mailing list.


Business Talk – Connecting With the Best

This format explicitly targets the group of students on the Dean’s List. The Dean’s List is a measure to determine the top five percent of best students in each course of study. Our Business Talk program offers companies the opportunity to reach out to students on the Dean’s List in a discipline-specific context. The company can give a presentation, manager talk, or offer case studies or strategy workshops. RWTH provides the Zoom video conferencing room and invites students on the Dean’s List from selected programs to the event.

For our services, we charge 2,000 euros. On request, we will be happy to publish a video pitch or corporate video free of charge to be streamed via our Pitchbox for six months. For an additional 500 euros, we can also offer a preselection of participants by having students apply to us for the event with a CV in advance.


Career Lunch – Connecting With Doctoral Candidates

A “Career Lunch” enables companies to connect with young RWTH doctoral candidates through personal conversation and to present their company as a potential employer. RWTH will prepare the infrastructural logistics and invite suitable candidates from your desired subject discipline for you.

We charge 2,000 euros for preparation efforts, inviting doctoral candidates, and promoting the event.


Company Presentations in Person

The formats above can also be offered as in-person events on the RWTH campus or at other locations in Aachen (for example, restaurants or creative spaces). Depending on room availability, additional fees will be charged, starting from 60 euros per hour. We will be happy to provide you with further information if you are interested.

Please note that you will have to book other locations yourself. You will be responsible for any costs incurred for room bookings, catering, etc., and bills will be sent directly to you. In addition, we would like to point out that we are usually not able to personally supervise any face-to-face events on-site.


Pop Up Career - Holding Outdoor Promotional Events

Rent a booth space on the RWTH campus and actively approach students, promote your event, or highlight the entry-level opportunities at your company. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable location and time.

Booth space cost varies depending on the size and location you want. Prices start at 250 euros per square meter and day. Please contact us if you are interested.


Career Days and Fairs

Participating in our Career Days or fairs offers companies further opportunities to find and recruit young talent who have not yet made up their minds and haven’t committed to a particular company.


Publicizing Your Event

You have already planned an event and want to invite students enrolled at RWTH?

We are happy to support you with this as well. We will publish your event free of charge at Please us the relevant details (name of the event, date, target group, location, application deadline, and, if available, a link for further information).

In addition, we can also use direct mailing to send the invitation to selected students on the Dean’s List (top five percent of students) or all students in selected degree programs.

The cost for a direct mailing to selected Dean’s List students is 1,200 euros; for a direct mailing to all students of three selected degree programs, we charge 3,000 euros.