trivago Newest Lecture Hall Sponsor in C.A.R.L.


The global hotel search engine trivago N.V. is the newest company to sponsor a lecture hall in RWTH Aachen's C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex. In doing so it continues to pursue its strategy of supporting educational institutions and initiatives that offer training both within and outside of the company.

  People standing in front of the trivago lecture hall Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

A core value of the company is "fanatic learning:" trivago encourages its own talents to remain curious, consistently learn something new, and inspire others. Everything at trivago revolves around the motto "trial and error" – employees should have the courage to make mistakes and get stuck or fail to then learn something as a result and further develop. Additionally, trivago offers a comprehensive spectrum of learning and continuing eudcation opportunities for its employees and supports external institutions and initiatives.

Trivago relies on future talents to have good training and be able to futher develop themselves at their future employer. Thus, it was a logical step to support RWTH Aachen, as one of the largest technical universities in Germany, with a lecture hall sponsorship in a top of the line complex.

About trivago

trivago is global hotel search platform. Our objective is to change how travelers search and compare hotels. We also assist hoteliers with strengthening their market position by offering them access to millions of travelers through our websites and apps. trivago offers a variety of hotel information and prices enabling travelers to personal their hotel search and make well-informed decisions. trivago's gobal hotel search platform offers access to approximately 1.8 million hotels and vacation accommodations in over 190 countries.