Pack S an – Regional Marketing Done Differently

Two women holding a box Copyright: © Lichtgut/Leif-Hendrik Piechowski

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, an information booth featuring the Stuttgart region attracted much attention on the RWTH Aachen University Campus. Three "moving specialists" dressed in overalls were ready to tempt students and graduates of the technical university to make a job-related move to the Stuttgart region. Besides info brochures and moving boxes, regional drinks, such as the "Stuggi Schorle" were on offer.

  People standing at an information booth Copyright: © Lichtgut/Leif-Hendrik Piechowski

The info booth kicked off the "Pack S an" lottery, one of the campaigns featured on the social media platform "SoistS," which encourages professionals to move to the Stuttgart region. Those who can show that they have already been invited to a job interview with a company in the region can enter to win a restaurant voucher worth 50 euros. Those who will definitely be moving to the area for a new job find themselves in an even better position. For three lucky winners, moving costs amounting to 3,000 euros will be covered. The specially designed moving boxes, however, can be had even without any luck involved – they can be ordered at no charge.
All those who are not already registered as residents in Stuttgart or in the rural districts of Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg or Rems-Murr are allowed to enter into the lottery. For further information and for conditions of participation, please refer to the website.

The cheeky event was quite popular with the young audience:

Isabel from Düsseldorf studies business engineering in combination with mechanical engineering. She has written her Bachelor's thesis in collaboration with Bosch and would like to move to the Stuttgart region in the fall of 2019. "I am definitely drawn to the region. It's great for my particular course of studies background and there are many potential employers who have a lot to offer. Also, it's simply beautiful there. The surrounding area is very attractive, especially if you're at all thinking about starting a family."

Thilo is a mechanical engineering student as well and wants to "complete an internship in the region, because there are a multitude of employers and great jobs. Acquaintances have ended up there already and they are very happy." Dustin collaborated with Daimler in Untertürkheim in writing his Bachelor's thesis and also completed his internship there. "After completing my degree in business engineering, I will definitely get in touch with them again and hopefully I can get a permanent position there. Besides having gained great work experience, I particularly enjoyed the "flora and fauna" in the Stuttgart region."

About #SoistS

#SoistS is a digital platform that gathers all the various social media activities of the people in the Stuttgart region and and publicizes them – via facebook, instagram, and the website. Employers in the region can also use it for staff recruitment purposes. The capital S in the hash tag represents all of the 179 participating local districts of the region. The platform was intiated by the "Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH."