Publications & Reports

Title Page of the University's "Insight" Journal © Copyright: RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen prepares a number of magazine and brochures for students, researchers, employees, and alumnus.  Publications cover learning, life, and research at the Aachen university.

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Press, Public Relations and Marketing

Interview with camera © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Contact persons in the areas of press, public relations and marketing for journalists and all employees and members of RWTH Aachen.

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RWTH Aachen in Movies

People throwing their hats © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

Here you can find a collection of films about RWTH Aachen and its exciting research projects and events.

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RWTH Aachen in Pictures

View of the SuperC and "Heizkraftwerk" Buildings at Night © Copyright: Peter Winandy

A photo gallery with popular photos of RWTH Aachen for publications and press.

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Aachener Engineering Award

Aachen Engineering Award sculpture © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

The Aachen Engineering Award is an honor jointly awarded by RWTH Aachen and the City of Aachen. The award will be annually presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the positive perception and/or further development of engineering with his or her life’s work.

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5 vor 12 – The RWTH Aachen Night of Science

Researcher Conducts an Experiment in front of an Audience © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

Science presented in uncommon ways at an uncommon time - this is the idea behind the event „5 vor 12“.  The goal of this even is to present science in an entertaining way that is both understandable and tangible for all generations.  The event includes presentations, film screenings, and cabaret and musical components.

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