First-Year Students


RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger Welcomes First-Year Students to winter semester 2021/22

See RWTH Rector Professor Rüdiger giving his welcome speech to first-year students in German, in which he also gives many tips on your studies!

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Welcome to RWTH Aachen University

Getting to know the various offers available at RWTH will help you master the initial phase of your studies. You will find tips and tricks for a smooth transition to university on the following pages.

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Virtual Tour of RWTH

In this short clip, our student assistants will present the most important institutions at RWTH so that prospective students can get to know the University from home.

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Gain Credits Before Starting Your Studies

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, RWTH wants to make the most of the opportunities offered by increased digitization. It is offering prospective engineering students the chance to complete the first semester module (Higher) Mathematics 1 as part of the online course "HM4mint-intensiv" and to take the exam before actually starting their course of study.

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How to Study?

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How exactly is being a student at university different from school? How can I organize my studies in the best way possible? Find answers to these and other questions on the following pages.


Advising and Services for Students

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All new beginnings seem challenging. Besides a new form of self-management, first-year students have to get to grips with a huge institution and all its different responsibilities. If you have many questions and cannot discern who you should contact for each one, get in touch with the Student Advice Center – ZSB for short. The team will support you in all matters concerning your studies and help you find the right contacts at RWTH.

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Time to Get to Grips With Student Life

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Practical Hints and Tips

It is that much easier to study if you know exactly where to find the information you need. You will find an overview of useful offers for you on this page.

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Online Services

RWTH offers students the opportunity to access WLAN using the eduroam network almost anywhere an RWTH building is located. Here you will find an overview of all the IT services offerd, such as email, WLAN/VPN, and software.


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Study Spaces

You can meet with your study group or bridge gaps between classes in the various study rooms available for you. Experience shows that working in a concentrated atmosphere and in excellent company is most effective.

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Glossary of Academic Terms

Understanding all the different aspects and terms related to your studies may seem far from easy, especially at the beginning. This glossary explains all the terms you will have to deal with every day, such as credit points, electives, or modules.

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In addition to looking up and finding research resources, the University Library offers further possibilities for your studies. You can also use the Textbook Collection and the Medical Library, where you will find multiple versions of subject-specific resources.

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Dining Hall Menus

Here you can find out what is on the Aachen Student Services dining hall menu for today. Additionally, you can quickly look to see what dining hall is closest to your lecture hall.

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Develop Your Competences With Soft Skills

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Go Abroad for a Global Perspective

The variety of experiences, intercultural competences, and foreign language skills acquired during a stay abroad are a highly valuable asset in today's professional and academic world.

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Language and Writing Courses

The RWTH Language Center offers a wide range of language courses and certificates, as well as extensive advice on writing optimal texts and assistance writing specific projects.

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Extracurricular & Leisure Activities

Perhaps you have already done some voluntary work at school or you know how enriching it can be to get involved in extracurricular projects and are now keen on joining in the fun. Whatever the case, there are plenty of opportunities at RWTH.

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Internships Are Highly Valuable

It is very useful to pursue an internship during your studies to gain initial professional experience and apply the knowledge acquired in your studies. You can get assistance in finding a suitable internship at the chairs in charge of your own degree program or from RWTH’s Career Center.

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Student Jobs – Not Just for Earning Some Cash

Working as a student is not only kinder on the purse strings. Often, the more crucial benefit is the practical work experience you will gain from this, such as good team working skills and getting to know RWTH better, for example as a student assistant at an institute.

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Trouble Getting Started? Help is at Hand

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Student Advice Centre

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Departmental Advisors

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Student Councils within Faculties

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Psychological Counseling

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Students with Disabilities

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