Bridge Courses Program Helps Students Start in the Winter Semester


RWTH will kick off the 2023/2024 winter semester right from the beginning of September with its wide range of bridge courses. 


The bridge courses help to refresh students’ skills and knowledge from school and close any possible knowledge gaps. They also play an important role in socializing, helping first-semester students, in particular, to settle in at RWTH, find study partners, and make new friends.

In-person courses are offered in mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, CAD, and English. In addition, almost every course has a remote option. For the best possible start at the University, instructors recommend participants attend the course on-site.

The program is primarily aimed at first-semester students and students in higher semesters who need to provide evidence of their skills and knowledge of the respective subject. The subject requirements for their studies are outlined in their degree program description.

Some bridge courses start at the beginning of September. All courses require prior registration and are free of charge. Participants do not have to be enrolled at the University to take one of the courses. The longest bridge course, which is in mathematics, lasts four weeks and its participants are even eligible for BaFöG funding.

Please note that the courses are exclusively held in German.