Day of Biology and Biotechnology




Helen Rosenkranz

Speaker of the Department


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RWTH's institutes of biology opened its doors. "Interest has never been so great as it is now," emphasized professor Dr. Henner Hollert, speaker of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, in his welcome address. Over 550 participants attended the event.

  Visitors at the 2015 Day of Biology and Biotechnology Copyright: © Martin Lux The RWTH Department of Biology and Biotechnology welcome over 550 participants to the Day of Biology and Biotechnology.

The Aachen Biology and Biotechnology day is held annually and is targeted particularly towards pupils, teachers, and students, who want a look at the activities of the biological institutes. They can glean information from the diverse program of demonstrations of compounds and objects, posters, and exciting lectures about current research focuses in the department.

Exciting and informative projects were presented this year from "Wehrhaftem Grünzeug" to a "Revolution in Green" to parasites of the human and the causes of malaria to experiments with electricity from bacteria or a 3D trip into the virtual world of proteins

The RWTH Student Advice Centre and the Employment Agency answered questions about studies and work. Student representatives from the Department of Biology and Biotechnology were also available to answer all types of questions about studies in their field.

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