Continued Funding for Two Collaborative Research Centers


The German Research Foundation DFG has decided to provide continued funding for 25 Collaborative Research Centers, including ten Transregional Research Centers (SFB/TRR). RWTH Aachen is involved in two of the Transregional Research Centers approved for funding.


The CRC/TRR Damage Controlled Forming Processes was selected as one of the joint projects to be extended for another four years. Starting Junuary 2021, RWTH Professor Gerhart Hirt will act as spokesperson for the Center, which has been jointly initiated by RWTH and TU Dortmund University.

The CRC/TRR Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application will also be funded for another four-year period. In the second funding phase, Professor Ghislain Fourier from the RWTH Chair of Algebra and Representation Theory will serve as spokesperson for the Aachen branch of the Center.

Collaborative Research Centers, CRC for short, are university-based research institutions which are established for up to three four-year funding periods. By bringing together researchers and resources from the involved universities within the Centers, it becomes possible to tackle demanding research projects on a long term basis. CRCs thus help to establish institutional priority research areas and promote structural development.