RWTH Aachen Awards Teaching Prize


With a prize RWTH Aachen honors outstanding performance in two categories in the area of teaching and learning.


RWTH Aachen has been honoring recipients with this distinction since 2001 and in both categories it comes with prize money that is invested again in teaching and learning projects. Vice-Rector Professor Aloys Krieg now presented the 2017 Teaching Award to both, Professor Christoph Jungemann and the "Leonardo" project.

Jungemann, chair and director of the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory, was nominated for the award by the students of the Electrical Engineering Student Council. Jungemann uses innovative teaching methods and takes into account what students already know. The newly established small group exercises also facilitate learning. Furthermore, Jungemann is valued for his readiness to engage in dialogue in his role as Dean of Academic Affairs as well as for his work as the contact person for the Blended Learning education program.

The Leonardo Project was nominated for the 2017 Teaching Award by the AStA Student Union. This project was already established in 2008 and has since become an important asset to the university's teaching and learning environment. RWTH-students can grapple with topics from politics and society as part of teaching modules that run alongside their regular courses of study. Presentations held by both RWTH-affiliated as well as off-site speakers, group projects and the so-called Leonardo Lecture are further offerings. Professor Max Kerner as initiator of the project, project manager Professor Emanuel Richter, and Executive Director Dr. Felix Kampel accepted the prize together with a group of students.

Source: Press and Communications


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