Doubts About Your Studies: New Year - New Chances




Silvia Krebs-Oviedo Bargossi

Stellv. Abteilungsleiterin, Sachgebietsl., Studienberaterin


+49 241 80 99409



RWTH advises students who are doubting their choice of degree program


Especially at the turn of the year, many students question whether they have chosen the right course of study. The pandemic and the associated difficulties for students as they pursue their studies during this fraught time have added to these uncertainties. Many find themselves faced with a tough decision at the start of the year: Should I continue my studies and try to complete the degree, change subjects or transfer to another program, or should I withdraw from university altogether? Such a decision raises many questions. The event “Doubting Your Choice of Degree - Find Your Career Path!” on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, helps those seeking advice find answers to these questions. The event is held in German.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this will be a virtual event, held as a video conference. The contact persons and advisory bodies will introduce themselves first. Then the cooperating partners will be available in separate meeting rooms for individual advising. Access data to the virtual rooms will be provided after registration. You must therefore register for the event.

The event is jointly offered by the City of Aachen, RWTH, the University of Applied Sciences, Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the Employment Agency Aachen. It is open to students of all Aachen universities.