Discovery Tours in the Seffent and Melaten Campus Areas


RWTH Aachen invites all interested citizens to take a guided tour through the Melaten and Seffent sites of the university campus. The next guided tours are scheduled for the upcoming weeekend.


On our tour we will show participants buildings and facilities on the research campus that have been completed, exlpain their uses, and provide an overview of the entire area. We will also provide information on the activities on the Campus Boulevard of RWTH Aachen Campus.

The tours start at Sommerfeldstraße, at the corner of Campus Boulevard, between the Institute of Plastics Processing, IKV, and the Institute of Automotive Engineering, IKA.

The guided tours are scheduled to take place Saturday, June 14, and Sunday, June 15, at 2.30pm. Participation is free of charge.

The maximum number of participants per group is 25; for this reason, please register for the tour of cour choice.