School Pupils Can Get a Taste of the University


Registration for "Schüler*innenuni" during the summer vacation is now open.


For another year, RWTH invites school pupils to attend its "Schüler*innenuni". Middle and high school students can get a taste of the University for five days with this free offering. Participants attend workshops and mock lectures, conduct experiments, and visit different institutes. In the process, they will get to know the University and receive help with whether or what to study.

There are ten different offerings this year:

  • electrical engineering
  • civil and environmental engineering
  • chemistry
  • computer science
  • engineering (developing sustainable technologies for the future)
  • mechanical engineering
  • mathematics
  • STEM teacher education
  • physics

The Physics "Schüler*innenuni" will also be offered in a virtual format. The Engineering Taster University for female high school students will also take place to give this particular group of students the opportunity to explore various engineering fields.

Middle school students can participate in the MINT Schüler*innenuni. MINT stands for mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology, in other words, the German equivalent of STEM. Here, participants get to know one of RWTH’s Learning Labs every day. The "MINT & Fit" program is offered for girls aged 12 to 14. Here, they attend a workshop from a STEM discipline every day and discover a new sporting activity.

Registration is now open. When all free places are allocated, a waiting list will be established. For more information and registration, see the following page. Please note: as the events are only offered in German, all further details about this offering are only available in German.