RWTH Aachen Plans to Discontinue Romance Studies


RWTH Aachen is planning to discontinue Romance Studies. This is a response to the decreasing number of students and sinking need for teachers in the school subjects French and Spanish. The NRW Ministry of School and Futher Education and the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Research support this plan.


The resources that will be freed up by this discontinuation will remain in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. They will be used to strengthen the faculty's profile. In the future, the University Administration wishes to promote specific focuses, for example in interdisciplinary research and ethics. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities will gain a uniqiue characteristic in comparison to other universities, in order to profile itself in scientific competition and teaching.

Enrollment in the teacher training subjects French and Spanish will be possible for the last time in winter semester 2014/15. The university will ensure that all enrolled students are able to finish their studies in accordance with study regulations.