Managers Receive "FAMOS" Designation

Famos für Familie award winners Copyright: © Martin Lux

Family-friendly human resource management and sustainable employee leadership: these are characteristics that are promoted again and again at the executive level. A healthy work-life balance benefits not only the family, but also promotes creativity at the workplace. This is why the RWTH prize "Famos für Familie" was awarded for the eighth time to RWTH managers, who have made particular efforts for family-friendly work conditions.


This year's award was once again given to five individuals. They have all recognized family-friendliness as an important factor for competition and location: Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert from the Institute for Environmental Research, Dr. Elke Müller, Head of the Department 4 and the Exploratory Research Space, Prof. Dr. Regina Palkovits from the Chair of Heterogenous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Britta Peis from the Chair of Management Science, and Prof. Dr. Frank Thomas Piller from the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management could equally celebrate receiving 500 Euros in prize money.

The jury consists of representatives from the Rector's Office, the Equal Opportunities Office, the Integration Team, the Family Services Center, and both staff councils. FAMOUS depends on employees: they have six weeks to nominate their boss.

Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert

In addition to excusing expecting mothers and fathers from joint tasks, Prof. Dr. Henner Hollert was a convincing candidate with his flexible work hours. The father of four managed to transfer his life experience to his professional life, praised Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, who awarded the prize.

Dr. Elke Müller

The employees in Department 4 and at the Exploratory Research Space agree on one thing: Dr. Elke Müller is a living example that career and family are equally important and she ensures that they are compatible. "It's normal to have to suddenly pick up sick kids from kindergarten or school and take them to the doctor. It's also not a problem to unexpectedly stay at home when a family member is sick: We can make up for the work time without having to use vacation time," say her coworkers.

Prof. Dr. Regina Palkovits

The Chair of Heterogenous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry is a model of family and career compatability, according to its employees. Ever since Dr. Palkovits became chair, nine babies have been born in her working group.

Prof. Dr. Britta Peis

Staff motivation is promoted in a special way at the Chair of Management Science: Prof. Dr. Britta Peis set up a parent-child room, so that even visitors can bring their children. The chair also has toys to occupy the children.

Prof. Dr. Frank Thomas Piller

The fact that the entire chair has six children is not the only proof of Prof. Dr. Frank Thomas Piller's belief that children should be part of societal life: his employees can request to leave work early or work using homeoffice.