A Good Academic Start in Engineering 2018


The joint project between FH and RWTH Aachen is entering its fourth year. The registration period begins November 6, 2017.


A Good Academic Start in Engineering, GSS, is a project between FH and RWTH Aachen that helps orient students and makes their start in engineering easier. Prospective students and students wishing to change their course of study are able to simultaneously register at both universities and attend classes. This allows them to fnid out which university and which course of study – electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or civil engineering – best fits them.

The project includes a fundamental program in math, physics, computer science, and an elective program with regular offers from the participating engineering courses of study, as well as a framework program with peer mentoring, tutorials, study groups, and the pro 8-week, in which solutions are worked out for real problems in a company. The so called "Semester 0" aims to orient and prepare students. It is not counted towards students' typical length of study, meaning it does not count as the first core semester. Failed attempts at exams are also not recorded during this semester. However, exams that students pass can be applied to a student's later studies at FH or RWTH.

The project is targeted at school students who are currently completing their Abitur or university entrance qualification abroad and those who completed it last year. Other target groups are students in vocational training programs, master craftsmen and craftswomen, and students who want to transfer to another course of study. Registration for the first phase began November 6, 2017 and is open till February 5, 2018.

A Review of 2017

As in 2015 and 2016, the program was very well received in 2017. 216 students participated. Students, who were able to provide proof of the university entrance qualification, were able to obtain student status. Offers in technical mechanics, robotis, and a lecture series were successfully kicked off.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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