RWTH Hosts Conference on Violence




Thomas Kron

Managing Director


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Experts discuss controversial disputes in sociological research on violence.


The two-day conference "Disputes of Sociological Research in Violence" is hosted by the Institute of Sociology at RWTH in collaboration with the Universities of Bielefled and Hannover. Experts will attempt to determine and clarify the controversial positions that exist regarding theoretical and methodological questions and what research perspectives arise from the respective disputes. Presentations and discussions will address questions in current sociological research on violence such as "Who qualifies a process as 'violence' according to which criteria?," "How are situations of violence temporally and structurally intertwined with other forms of social order?," and "What are the social consequences of the use and experience of violence?."

The conference will take place Friday, November 17, and Saturday, November 18, 2017, at the Institute of Sociology and SuperC at RWTH. All interested parties are invited to take part in a productive discussion with the researchers about the above-mentioned questions.

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