Significant Milestone Achieved for Campus West Project




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Trilateral agreement between City of Aachen, BLB NRW, and RWTH to define master plan objectives


The trilateral development agreement which defines the objectives of the Campus West masterplan is a significant step towards establishing one of the largest research hubs in Europe, RWTH Aachen Campus. Today, the planning committee of the City of Aachen is expected to approve the agreement. “This agreement is another important milestone for developing the Campus West area,” said RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven.

The agreement clearly defines the individual responsibilities of the three partners, the City of Aachen, the NRW Construction and Real Estate Agency (BLB), and the involved RWTH subsidiaries. It includes targets for construction completion, statements on development lands and traffic areas, and agreements on costs and possible cost increases, for example.

The first phase of construction, focusing on the development of the research campus in the Melaten area, was initiated in 2009. Six research clusters have already been completed on Campus Melaten. The building area on Campus West is approximately 111,000 square meters for ten further research clusters.