Alternative Anonymity Networks


Computer science graduate Eric Wagner received the Prix d'Excellence 2020 from the Fondation de Luxembourg for his Master's thesis entitled Enabling Limited Identity Recovery in Anonymity Networks, submitted to the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems of RWTH and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg.


In his thesis, Wagner introduced an alternative to anonymity network Tor. In the alternative, authorities can selectively take away users’ anonymity without endangering the users' privacy if they suspect them of criminal activity.

The Fondation de Luxembourg and its partners: the da Vinci Association and the Association Nationale des Étudiants Ingénieurs Luxembourgeois ANEIL, have been honoring top students in the field of engineering with the prize worth 2,500 euros since 2012. This year, the foundation selected five prize winners for their Master's theses on topics ranging from anonymity networks, machine learning and neural networks, to electrical and civil engineering.

Source: Press and Communications