RWTH’s Internationalization Success Recognized in Audit


The audit conducted by the German Rectors’ Conference confirms that RWTH, one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence, is on the right track with its forward-looking approach toward internationalization.


RWTH Aachen University has now been awarded the seal of approval of the “Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions” audit by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK). This award marked the successful conclusion of a process launched in January 2021 in which RWTH’s internationalization activities and strategy were externally assessed.

Professor Ute Habel, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, provided the impetus for participation last year. In the first half of 2021, an internal RWTH working group prepared a self-evaluation report on the status quo, the goals, the opportunities, and the risks of internationalization. This was followed by virtual visit days in the summer, during which the reviewers held discussions with the Audit working group and other members of the university. These included RWTH Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, professors, students, and Central University Administration staff.

According to the HRK report, RWTH demonstrates “a very reflective, prudent, and forward-looking approach with regard to the content and structural orientation of its internationalization efforts.” Vice-Rector Ute Habel also draws a positive balance: “The audit enabled us to consolidate our internationalization strategy, to make it even more visible within the university, and to integrate valuable ideas. We are delighted with the positive overall assessment of our internationalization activities and appreciate the specific recommendations about certain areas where we can still sharpen our measures.” The goal is to mainstream internationalization in all domains of RWTH: Teaching and learning, research, transfer, and organization. RWTH envisions an international profile characterized by fruitful collaboration with global partners and open and ongoing exchange of ideas across borders. In addition, RWTH aims to increase its global visibility as a leading European technical university focusing on innovation with these internationalization measures.