DKMS Typing Day Great Success


On St. Nicholas Day 2012, a group of RWTH Aachen students organized a so called Typing Day at RWTH Aachen as their contribution to the fight against leukemia. The event was a huge success: More than 1800 new donors registered.


Stem cell donations can help as part of the therapy for individuals with blood cancer. But only a third of the patients, who need such a donation, find a suitable donor within the family. The majority require a non-related donor. The non-profit German Bone Marrow Registry, DKMS for short, registers all suitable stem cell donors, who, as "genetic twins" can give cancer patients a chance at a new life. DKMS organizes nationwide public campaigns, with the help of supporters on location - such as with RWTH Aachen students, in order to add potential givers of life to the registry.


Pictures from the Typing Day