Electrical Engineering Degree Program with Orientation Semester


Starting in the summer semester of 2019, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences and RWTH Aachen University will offer a joint Bachelor’s course of study in Electrical Engineering.


The new joint degree program is titled “Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester,” ETOS for short.

The program is special in that students complete their first semester at both institutions, combining orientation and fundamental courses in math, physics, and electrical engineering offered by the application-oriented FH and at the more research-focused RWTH. After the first semester, the students can decide at which institution to continue their studies. This gives students the opportunity to get to know both types of university and decide which one suits them best.

As FH Rector Marcus Baumann commented,“We want to make it possible for young people to choose the right course of study. We at FH Aachen have a strong focus on on-the-job practical training and education.” RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger also welcomed the introduction of the newly developed program: “I am pleased that both institutions don’t have reservations working with each other and that we’re working towards a common goal.”

According to Vice-Rectors of Teaching Aloys Krieg and Josef Rosenkranz, the orientation semester provides the new students with a solid, hands-on basis to decide which university to study at. As a result, student drop-out rates as well as the number of later transitions to other schools or programs would be reduced.

Further information: Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester – ETOS