Black Holes Are Much More Than Just "Black"


Active galactic nuclei are much more than just black holes – they are very large, have weight, and are among the brightest objects in the universe. These powerful, long-lived objects will be the at focus of the kick-off event of the "Understanding Physics" lecture series.  


On Saturday, November 3, hosted by the Department of Physics and the RWTHextern Citizens’ Forum, the “Physik Verstehen" – Understanding Physics lecture series will be launched.

Professor Thomas Bretz from the RWTH Institute of Physics IIIA will open the lecture series with a talk on Active Galactic Nuclei: As Extreme as It Can Get! What Supermassive Black Holes Really Look Like.

The talk will explain what black holes are, why they have weight, and why the environment of extremely heavy black holes is so extreme as to be the among most luminous objects in the universe.

The event is scheduled to begin at 11am in Lecture Hall H03 in the C.A.R.L., Claßenstraße 11. The public is invited to attend the free of charge event; registration is not required. Please note that the talk will be held in German.

Source: Press and Communications